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How it works the filter Everpure

Everpure systems offer the best solution for problems and security of water in this sector: Vending, Food Production, Post-Mix Systems, Ice Makers, Coffee Machines, Refrigeration and where water quality is required as the main ingredient.


1. Pleasant taste of the drinks that stimulate sales
A single filter with activated carbon which removes chlorine, tastes, odors and gives quality water for the production of cold drinks, hot and ice cubes.
Filters and Everpure systems help provide water of high organoleptic qualities.

2. Remove any contaminants
The Asbestos fibers, AMIANT fibers and other microorganisms present in the water, like as Giardia cysts and Cryptosporidium, dirt, chlorine, limestone, mold and algae.
The first layer provides absolute filtration and removes all particles with a diameter greater than or equal to 0.5 microns (0,0005 mm).
This patented technology provides the largest filtration area, a long filter life and protection against undetectable failures like as leakage and chanelling.
A durable aluminum housing of the cartridge protects EVERPURE filter system from splitting and outbreak.
EVERPURE filter is lined with a food-grade polymer that prevents water from coming in contact with it.


3. Constant water quality over time
Pressure changes can not cause sudden releases of impurities accumulated in the filter.


4. Compliance with rules relating to water supply
A non-return valve inside the filter ensures that the impurities are retained by the filter and not released into the water supply.


5. Replacing the cartridge in accordance with the health and hygiene regulations
The replacement of the cartridge does not require a direct contact with the internal parts of contaminated filter.

The filtration removes more than 99,9%
of impurities down to 0.5 microns in diameter
includes Asbestos fibers, AMIANT fibers
and other microorganisms present in the water,
like as Giardia cysts and Cryptosporidium,
dirt, chlorine, limestone,
mold and algae.

6. Reduction of costs for the removal of limescale
The inhibitor slows drastically the formation of limescale inside the machine.


7. Multifunctional range
The range of systems EVERPURE covers all food applications and each system is designed and optimized to fulfill specific request.

Typical area of
an active carbon

8. Fast, simple and hygienic cartridges replacement
The cartridge can be replaced in about 15 seconds without use of tools, without interrupting the water supply and without dirtying your workspace.

9. Technical assistance
Assistance and technical support are available in more than 100 worldwide countries.

The pleated
of Everpure has an approximately
area of 5/10 times higher

10. Good quality water is an important ingredient
All operators in the food area recognize the importance of good water quality. Water quality, that is on basis of non-alcoholic beverages, like Coffè and water to drink, are often overlooked with the result of a poor quality of the final product.

A durable aluminum housing of the cartridge protects EVERPURE filter system from splitting and outbreak. EVERPURE filter is lined with a food-grade polymer that prevents the water from coming in contact with it.


Most of the filters is able to remove suspended substances or flavors and odors, but usually is not able to fulfill both purposes.
EVERPURE with its range has combined both functions.


MICRO-PURE, the unique filtering material used in Everpure Pre-Coat filters, is a mixture of activated carbon powder for the treatment of water for food use.

The MICRO-PURE EVERPURE filters has an average surface area from 10 to 40 times superior to the other filters with similar characteristics.

MICRO-PURE is deposited uniformly on the outer surface of membrane's filter when water passes through the filter.

All flavors and odors in the water are absorbed when the water passes through MICRO-PURE Membrane.

MICRO-PURE by its membrane filter retains all particles greater than or equal to 0.5 microns (0,0005 mm)

The filtration with the pre-coat system is generally used in many industrial applications where water quality is essential. The pre-coat filters EVERPURE ensure high quality water with reasonable cost.

Numerous EVERPURE pre-coat filters are made to perform a third function: to prevent limestone formation inside the machines where the water is heated or cooled.

The limestone in solution can not be removed by a mechanical filtration. When the water is heated or chilled, minerals like a calcium and magnesium precipitate and stick to the wall of the heating elements and on piping. This leads to a flow reduction, an increase in energetic consumption, and sometimes a machine malfunctioning.
To permanently delete the limestone EVERPURE has produced BWSO and EVERPLUS systems.

The pre-coat EVERPURE system ensures the water passes through both sides of the filter element in a filtering non-compressible.
The sudden changes in water pressure, also known as water hammer, can not adversely affect the coating MICRO-PURE because the pressure is evenly distributed on both surfaces of the membrane. The formations held can not migrate through the filter. The EVERPURE filter is designed to operate at pressures up to 142 psi (10 bar) but can withstand pressure surges up to 500 psi (34bar).

As the water enters in EVERPURE filter, a small part of this is passed through an additional filter in a tank containing the resin or the inhibitor feed.
The inhibitor is dissolved in this portion of water and exits from filter. Since the portion of water that passes through this reservoir is a constant quantity also the inhibitor concentration will be constant, about 2-5 ppm, sufficient to ensure an effective reduction in limestone formations and satisfy law requirements. This fact is guaranteed by subsequent treatment with ScaleKleen.

Fine filtration, Everpure that makes the difference



Pathogenic protozoa cysts


Cryptosporidium cysts


Much of algae and bacteria








Filtration to 5 microns


Filtration to 0,5 microns


Filtration to 0,15 microns




Know what you are buying :

Even a simple paper handkerchief can be sold as a filter. It is advisable to check true reliability filter's level. All providers can say that their filter is active at 0.5 microns, but where is the real proof of this statement?

Everpure provides official documentation that his panel filter has: NSF certified filtration "Class I" with more than 99.9% of all particles > 0.5 micron.
NSF Class II = filtration to '85% 1 to < microns, NSF Class III = 85% from 5 to < 15 µm, NSF Class IV = 85% 15 to < 30 µmm

Filter features. PDF Replacement cartridge.PDF>
Note: The contaminants removed or reduced by this system are not necessarily in your water.